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Funeral Planning Process

When Death Occurs

1. Contact Morris Funeral Home at 843.479.9068. If your loved one has passed away at a hospital, medical facility, nursing home, etc., the facility will need to contact our Funeral Home directly, once you have authorized them to do so. Please prepare to gather and bring the following information because vital statistics of the deceased are required by law in order to complete the requisite documentation for SC vital records:

• Birth Date
• Birthplace
• Father’s name
• Mother’s name
• Social Security Number
• Veteran’s Discharge or Claim Number
• Education
• Marital Status

Planning 2. You'll need to determine the appropriate relative to serve as the designated (primary) contact and planner for funeral arrangement purposes. Your family’s designee(s) should be authorized to conduct personal and/or financial business on the deceased’s behalf. In most cases, this will be the primary beneficiary of the deceased’s life insurance policy because insurance providers will discuss policy related issues and inquiries with this individual (only).

3. Our staff will help you notify the appropriate Insurance Companies.

4.You'll need to gather the deceased's information for the obituary, including age, place of birth, date of death, occupation, interests and hobbies, college degrees, community and civic organizations, military service, outstanding work, list of survivors, etc. and bring with you to the Funeral Home.

5. We’ll help you plan and make funeral arrangements for your loved one during your Arrangements Conference. Just bring with you the information and documents that are needed to comply with state law (outlined in #1 above) and determine scope of insurance coverage, along with any personalized details that you wish to include in your loved one’s Home-going Services.

6. Review carefully all life insurance and death benefits, including Social Security, credit union, trade union, fraternal, survivor and veteran’s/military benefits.

7.Morris Funeral Home will write and submit a timely death notice to the local paper and help you write an obituary (article and photo) if you desire to submit one to the newspaper.

8. Our Funeral Home will assist you in determining the number of copies of the death certificate(s) you will need and order them for you. We’ll also help determine which family members (if any) need death/funeral verification documents for work, school, etc., and help prepare Social Security and VA Forms, if applicable.

9. You’ll need to decide on the appropriate memorial(s) to which gifts may be made (family, church, hospice, charity, etc.).

10. Morris Funeral Home will provide any additional assistance and guidance needed to help your family through this most difficult time and ensure that your loved one’s life is remembered and celebrated with dignity and honor.

If Death occurs away from home

It is difficult to consider costs when funeral arrangements must unexpectedly be made away from home and hearts are filled with grief. If you want to limit costs, the best practice is to contact the funeral home in the area where the funeral service and burial is to take place.

What to do:

1. Call Morris Funeral Home at 843.479.9068, day or night.

2. Our compassionate, professional staff will make all arrangements for conveying the deceased to our funeral home, including the embalming and preparation required for returning your loved one to his/her home state.

3. You only need to contact us and we will make the arrangements for you.

Depending on the cost of transportation and charges of the out-of-town funeral home, costs can quickly and easily mount. Transportation costs differ and fees are not uniform from funeral home to funeral home, so it is difficult to specify the exact amount of these expenses. Calling Morris Funeral Home first, allows us to help you navigate this unfamiliar process and keep your stress and costs as low as possible.

So Many Decisions…

Planning a funeral involves a myriad of decisions…from choosing a final resting selecting a casket…to the order of the funeral service and identification of program participants.

Many of the considerations are not common knowledge. Is embalming required? What's the purpose of a burial vault? Should you consider burial or cremation? And, to whom should you turn for the necessary services and products?

At Morris Funeral Home, we make this process easier for you.

Our compassionate experts are with you every step of the way, helping you plan and personalize the funeral services and directing them in accordance with your wishes.

Choices that must be made when arranging a funeral include:

Method of Interment

• Will the deceased be buried or entombed?
• Will the deceased be cremated? If so, will the cremated remains be buried, entombed, scattered or kept by the family?
• Will the body be donated to science? Will organs be donated?


• Will there be a traditional funeral with the casket present or a memorial service without the presence of the casket?
• Where will the ceremonies be held? At Morris Funeral Home? At a place of worship? At the graveside? Are these venues available on your preferred date and time?
• Will there be one or more Visitations? If so, will the casket be open or closed?
• Will the deceased be embalmed?
• Who will participate in the funeral ceremonies? Clergy? Pallbearers? Floral Bearers? Speakers? Musicians, Choirs or Vocalists?
• Will the ceremonies include music, scriptures, readings, or tributes?
• Will there be a procession to the cemetery? Will the deceased be transported in a hearse? Will the family travel in a limousine?

Funeral Product Selection

Morris Funeral Home can provide all of your desired funeral products, services and/or memorials. Items that should be considered include, but are not limited to: caskets, burial vaults, urns, grave markers, etc., and many can also be special ordered or personalized.

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